About Rashba Family




According to family legend, our family is connected to Rabbi Shlomo ben Adret(RaSHBA), the 13th century Rabbi of Barcelona, Spain. 

Here is a picture of the synagogue in Barcelona where the Rabbi served for about 50 years. Now it is a museum.  


According to Timur's grandfather Noy(historian), in 17th century a Turkish ambassador arrived in Poland and was accompanied by an interpretor named Judah Rashba. 

In August 2016 we confirmed that Rashba family moved to Ukraine from Turkey. They worked as interpretors for the Ottoman Empire.


We know that the Adret family lived in Spain until the end of 15th century.

The last city  where they lived was Cervera, where Adret family lived for about 200 years.

The Rashba Bible was written for grandson of the Rashba, Astruc ben Yitzhak ben Shlomo ibn Adret, who lived in Cervera. 

Please  look  at  Rashba bible page

There are a lof of documents about the Adret family in Cervera, Spain archives.

Those documents  were published in Cervera report written by Maria Jose on IIJG website in Jerusalem(www.iijg.org).

The Rashba family lived in the Kiev (Ukraine) gubernia from the 18th to 20th centuries. 

We ordered research from Ukranian archives in Kiev and received a report in 2006.

Several branches of the  Rashba family immigrated to the United States in the 20th century.  Today most live in the US or Israel.


The Rashba family consists of  three major branches:


Mordehay branch, based in Ekaterinoslav/Dnepropetrovsk(Ukraine) and Moscow 

  Avrum branch- Irina Kunina(Moscow), Lidia Rashba

  Itsko- Nuta branch - Mark Rashba, Irene Rashba, Pavel Rashba, Boris Rashba

  Shlema branch - Eugene Rashba, Julia Rashba

  Shmul  branch USA -  Ross Krublit 


Zelik branch

   Shmul Rashba American branch consists of two branches - Jacob Rashba and Simon Rashba

   Jacob Rashba - Paul Rashba, Edward Rashba

   Simon Rashba -  Malcolm Rashba, Jeffrey Rashba

   Khaim Yankel Kharkov branch  - Yakov Rashba, Yon Rashba


Osip Rashba branch

    Ovsey   branch  Kiev, Moscow- Emmanuel Rashba, Julia Rashba-Step

     Avrum branch Kharkov – Nadezshda Rashba, Alexey Rashba

     Khaim Udko branch Kharkov- Timur Rashba

The Adret family moved from Spain to the port city of Smyrna in the Ottoman Empire (now Izmir, Turkey) We know that they lived there starting from

the 18th century. Their descendents live in Istanbul, Izmir, Israel, and the USA.

In the US they live in NY and California.


We know that Adret(or Rashba) family lives in Spain.


Now our family members live in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Israel, Spain and Turkey(Adret family).