Research  for  Rashba  family

Research was done in Kiev's archives in Jan and April 2006.

That info connected all russian Rashba as one family coming back to the begining

of 18 century to a common forefather Yakov Rashba borned in 1720.

There is report below from Kiev. 

Summary  of Rashba’s family  research


Research was conducted  In Kiev archives, Ukraine  and  Barcelona, Cervera, Spain.

Research in Kiev  was for Rashba family and covered  period  from  18 to 20 century.

The family tree  is attached. Rashba  family includes  many branches from different  Ukranien cities  and two American branches. The whole family comes down to one person Yakov Rashba  who was born in 1720. As we know  by two family sources the Rashba family came to Ukraine as a Turkish translaters from Ottoman Empire.  According to Timur Rashba  grandfather  Juda Rashba came to Poland as  translator for Turkish Embassy. In August 2016 one of the  American family member confirmed  that Rashba family moved to Ukraine from Turkey where they worked as interpretors. That proved our connection to Spanish Jews.

In 20-th century  many  Rashba family members from USSR  moved to USA, Israel, Germany. 

Research  in Spain was conducted  in 2005 and 2006 in Barcelona  and Servera  archives and covered  period  from  13  to 15 century  for  Adret family.  Info includes  financial transactions,  synagogue records,  cetuba, ship records  and  Rashba bible  from London.  Adret  family had  a very strong presence  in Spain.  Some Adret family members were punished by inquisition, some were converted  to Christianity.  Adret family traveled  from Cervera  (Spain) to Naples (Italy), then TheSalonique (Greece), then  to Smyrna(now Izmir) or Canakkale (Turkey) during 15-18 centuries.

In  the beginning of 20 century  some Adret family members  moved to USA. One of them Meir  ben Adrette  was a founder  of Sephardic  Federation in NYC. Some  Adrets  moved to Israel  after the war.

Now  Adret  family member  live in Izmir and Istanbul, Turkey  USA, South  Africa  and  Latin America. We  as Rashba family keep contacts with Adret  family.  Three  Adret  family  members  were  granted  Spanish citizenship in November  2015.

Our research covered  period from  13 to  15 in Spain,  18-19  century Turkey for Adret cemetery records,  18 to 20  century  Ukraine.  We  could  not  cover period from 16  to 18 century  Poland because it was very  difficult  periods of wars  and luck of civil records.

We  have only  one small  piece  of Timur’s  family history that proved  connection between  Rashba  and Adret  family. According to Timur  grandfather   Noy, his  father Samuil mentioned that on the last empty pages of the  patrimonial books Tora or Talmud (which were lost probably during the  revolution or the civil war in Russia in the beginning of XXth  century) there was an indication in the genealogy on the connection  with Rashba from Barcelona. 

We  feel  very  confident  that  we  have  very  good records  to  prove our  connection  to  Spain. 

Rashba family scheme according to report from Kiev on April 2006

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Rashba family in Ukraine info dict
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